June 1 – 24, 2018

Calico Gallery
67 West St., #203
Brooklyn, NY 11222
opening June 1st, 7 – 10pm
Open Fridays & Saturdays, 12pm – 5pm or by appointment


Chrissy Angliker
Steph Becker
Sara Berks
Jon Bocksel
Jonathan Campolo
Michael Hambouz
Jason Kachadourian
Sto Len
Kate Nielsen
GaHee Park
Caroline Paquita
Pareesa Pourian
Adams Puryear
Mike Taylor
Austin Thomas

PICNIC is a group exhibition referencing an artist interview project of the same name. Started in March 2015, PICNIC is an online platform to share artists’ work and studio practices through a series of conversational interviews formed over sharing a meal with artists in their studios. On the website, interviews are viewed alongside studio photography, works in progress, materials, and personal collections, giving background to finished works. Feeding off the idiom “starving artist,” PICNIC brings an equally vulnerable creation to the floor of each artists’ studio, facilitating a communal critique and more intimate dialogue.

This exhibition celebrates the third year of PICNIC by featuring all visited artists to date, including works by: Adams Puryear, Austin Thomas, Caroline Paquita, Chrissy Angliker, Gahee Park, Jason Kachadourian, Jon Bocksel, Jonathan Campolo, Kate Nielsen, Michael Hambouz, Mike Taylor, Pareesa Pourian, Sara Berks, Steph Becker, and Sto Len.

The exhibition will include paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture and artist’s books juxtaposed with an interactive display and printed leaflets, allowing viewers to preview interviews and studio photography giving context to the artists’ processes and concepts behind the exhibited works.

Visit www.picnics.studio for more information on the background of the project and to preview artists’ work.

The PICNIC show will open coinciding with Greenpoint Open Studios.